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The following is a list of common terms of probation in Juvenile Delinquency cases:

1)       Cannot use any illegal narcotics – this is a no brainer, not only are they illegal, but a youth is just that, a youth.

2)      Approved Friends List – You will get the opportunity to provide a list of friends, roommates, family members that you would like to be around.  The probation officer will make the determination who you get to be around. Details on this process will come in another blog.

3)      No Contact Order – This usually applies to any victims if this was a victim crime or other people you were arrested with.  The goal is to ensure you do not cause any more problems for the victims and to ensure you are not keeping company with someone who will get you in trouble again.

4)      Community Service Hours – we all know what this is! If not, call us, we can direct you to a number of community programs looking for community service volunteers.

5)      Educational Programs – These may be videos, online spots, books you check out that are specific to the charge you pled to or were convicted of.

6)      Book Reports – The books can mirror school topics, self-motivation, mirror the charges you face, etc.

7)      Apology Letters – This may be to a victim, another party involved, your family, your school, or anyone else the DJJ officer recommends.

8)      No smoking –Not only is it unhealthy, for a minor it is also not permitted.

9)      Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs – It could be NA, AA, substance abuse counseling, or other areas for treatment for substance abuse.

10)   Drug testing – the panel tests for almost everything.  They also have ways to detect if you are masking, or trying to mask any drugs in your system.  Alcohol tests are also available as well.

11)   Restitution – This is payment for anything you may have stolen, destroyed, wrecked, or ruined in the commission of your charges.

12)   Attending School

13)   Maintaining a certain G.P.A. – for example a 2.0 or 3.0., depending on your current G.P.A.

14)   Brining your G.P.A. up to a certain level.

15)   Enrolling in a G.E.D. program and completing the said program – if you are not attending school.

16)   No Drinking Alcohol

           These are not an exhaustive list of the terms of probation you may face as a juvenile.  But, they are many of the common terms.  The Department of Juvenile Justice determines the recommendation for terms of probation based on assessments of the juvenile, the juvenile’s prior history, interviews with the youth, and a myriad of other factors.  Depending on the charge, the individual, and their history someone facing probation for a petit theft may get different terms than someone accused of the same charge at the same store for the same item. 

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