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Okay, I have left you hanging! But, after starting a new business, settling into what that means, wrapping my head around it, I am back. This time with a promise, myself, and as the firm grows, will bring you regular posts.

Here are a couple of the things you can look out for with that promise:

1) Informational posts about current clients with criminal law and family law matters

2) “Hot” legal topics and our analysis, always welcoming commentary as long as we can keep it civil

3) Guest bloggers with insight on legal topics outside of the firm’s focus to

4) Suggestions and resources to help navigating legal matters outside of the courtroom

5) Community events and ongoings

6) Information about helpful community partners and resources

7) ANYTHING else that you might want to know about!

As The Law Office of Diana S. Miers, PA approaches it’s one year anniversary, I wanted to thank you all for the support in making this a great year! The firm has grown, found a home downtown, narrowed it focus to criminal defense and family law, and teamed up with a number of community resources to provide outreach and advocacy across the greater Orlando community. We look forward to what can be accomplished in year two!

Of course, as always, contact the firm for any questions you might have about your legal needs at (407) 603 – 6538.