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At The State v. George Zimmerman

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending proceedings in The State v. George Zimmerman.  It was a fantastic day of testimony with seven witnesses ranging from medical professionals, to police officers to our first real eye witness who was able to give details about the “tussle” between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. 

About halfway through the day, I heard a number of attendees ask, “Why are we going through the same thing over and over? Isn’t it established Trayvon was on top and Zimemrman on the bottom.  Can’t we move on?”  For an attorney, this is a loaded question! If you look at what we have heard, there are a number of witnesses who identify one or multiple of the following, a party on top of the other, a party straddling the other, the one on top wearing a dark color, the one on the bottom wearing a lighter color, hearing someone call for help, hearing a gun shot, they think Trayvon Martin is on top, or George Zimmerman was on the bottom. 

Now, there is no one witness who has confirmed all of these factors. Does that mean none of what the witnesses have recounted is true or credible?  Of course not! You should expect that eye witnesses, those who arrive on scene just after, or leave just before an incident are going to recall details differently or recall different details.  The trouble comes in deciding how many witnesses with similar stories does the state or defense need to put on?  In a case like this, you risk a lot by not calling someone with a similar story; it may look like you are hiding something.  But, there may be other cases where there are ten witnesses and only three need to testify to the details. The others may just be redundant. 

That is why the question of how many witnesses need to tell the same or similar story is so loaded for an attorney!  If you have any questions about eye witness testimony, or would like a case review of your criminal case, contact The Law Office of Diana S. Miers, PA at (407) 603 – 6538 for more information.




Welcome From Attorney Diana S. Miers

Hello and Welcome to the blog of The Law Office of Diana S. Miers, PA.  Check back soon and often as I, Attorney Diana Miers will be writing to help you navigate through the unknown and unexpected of your legal Issues.  As a first posting, I wanted to introduce myself and my firm.  When I sat down to think about what I wanted my firm and its mission to really embody, integrity, passion, and results were three words that immediately came to mind.

As an attorney, to me it is important that when I come to the table that my clients, my opponent, and the Court can believe in what I am bringing forth.  Attorneys  use their words as the tools of their trade, and knowing those words are based in integrity is the foundation for an attorney to be successful.  Passion, whether it is for what you do, how you are doing it, or the result you are seeking, gives you the drive necessary to get results.  Results come in many forms; it can be winning a motion, reducing fines, getting a guilty verdict, or preserving constitutional rights. The goal is to obtain the best results possible for my clients given the situation that presents and help the client to understand early on what results may be the end game.

Very easily, these words became the core values for The Law Office of Diana S. Miers, PA as they are core values of my own.  While focusing in the areas of Criminal Defense and Family Law, it is understood that other complications come along like the threat of foreclosure, the need for changes in a will, veteran’s benefits, etc.  As such, we offer an array of services to help when other issues come up and if not within our offering, we have a large network of attorneys to refer you to.

As an attorney I have worked in the criminal and civil realm.  My experience spans from negotiations and settlements to jury trials.  As a Florida Gator, I spend a number of Saturday’s and evenings rooting for the Orange and Blue.  In my spare time, I enjoy running, recently my first marathon, and finding new and fun things to do for my family’s Newfoundland and Saint Bernard.  Again, check back soon and often for posts about anything from changes in the law and how it affects you to fun ways to spend your weekend in Central Florida.  For a more extensive biography you can check out